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Personal data

My name is Daniel Hause and I was born on April 30th 1976 in Hemer, Germany. My mother Dorothee Hause (maiden name Fürst) is a commercial clerk and my father Karl-Heinz Hause was a tracer but he died in December 1990. Since I was born I lived in my parents house in Hemer-Deilinghofen and grew up with my two older sisters. I'm a German citizen, single and of protestant denomination.


After going to the primary school in Deilinghofen from August 1982 till July 1986 I went to the Friedrich-Leopold-Woeste-Gymnasium in Hemer. In June 1995 I graduated with the German "Abitur" (average: 2.4=B-).

Basic military service

I served in the German army from July 1995 till April 1996 and was stationed in Augustdorf, Germany. After three months of basic training I took part in five weeks lasting specialized training at Unna, Germany.

Occupational history

Between Mai and July 1996 I had several different temporary jobs to bridge the time until my apprenticeship started.

In August 1996 my training as an electronics installer at the RWK Kalk AG Werk Hönnetal in Menden, Germany started. Because of my Abitur and my excellent achievements I was able to finish my apprenticeship in three instead of three and a half years. In June 1999 I passed the trade test with an "A" as the final mark and received an award by the IHK Hagen for having one of the best grades of the year.

From June till September 1999 I was working in my field as an electronics installer for the Rheinische Kalksteinwerke GmbH & Co. KG (formally know as RWK Kalk AG).

After receiving my degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Dortmund I worked for six months at the Institute of Energy Systems and Energy Economics. My main duty was doing research on the ef.Ruhr project 7 "Sicherung der Überlebensfähigkeit der elektrischen Energieversorgung bei Großstörungen" (a study on possibilities for remaining the electric energy system stable during large disturbances).

Since May 2006 I've been working Siemens in Erlangen. I'm employed at the department I&S IS ICS 32 DC and I will do commissioning of High Voltage DC (HVDC) systems and Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) devices all over the world.


I started studying at the University of Dortmund to become an electrical engineer in October 1999. Besides the compulsory classes I also took several classes not related to my major. I finished my intermediate diploma in September 2001 with the average mark of "B".

During the winter semester 2001/2002 I took part in a seminar about modern display technologies and I had to do a talk on LCD technologies.

I have passed already all of the compulsory subject exams. During the winter term 2002/2003 I also took several optional compulsory courses like "grid and energy management I & II", "high voltage engineering I & II", "electrical power supply" and "quality assurance systems" and passed the oral exams with outstanding results.

Until the beginning of April 2003 I was working with some fellow students on a project at the Institute of High Voltage Engineering. We had to design a microprocessor based filling quantity-controlling device for a small fountain and consider electromagnetic compatibility aspects during the circuit design. Both circuits we built also should have been tested for operation security.

In the summer term 2003 I did my student research project at the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering. I had to implementation of a control system of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell testing equipment.

Furthermore I took part in an exchange program of the University of Dortmund. Therefore I went to the United States from August 2003 till May 2004. I studied at the Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. There I took several gradute and undergraduate classes in Electrical Engineering and also in Fine Arts.

After my studies abroad I did an internship for 4 months at the company Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen in Regensburg, Germany. When I was back in Dortmund, Germany I took some classes I still needed for graduation. I also managed to get many of my classes from Washington State University transfered. In June 2005 I've started working on my diploma thesis with the title "Comparison of network congestion management methods including FACTS" and finished writing it in October 2005. So I've graduated after 11 semester with the average mark of "B".

Besides my studies I have been working for the Institute of Electronic Systems and Switching Technology from December 2000 till December 2002. My main field of duty was being a lab teaching assistant.

Language skills

During my time at high school at the Friedrich-Leopold-Woeste-Gymnasium I took classes in French for four years and in English for eight years.

To improve my English I joined the "English Theatre Group" of the VHS Iserlohn in spring 1999. After taking a preparation class I took the exam for the Cambridge "First Certificate in English" in June 2001 and passed with a "B". Furthermore I also took the test for the "Certificate in Advanced English" in December 2001 and managed to get a "C". To be allowed to study in the United States I also had to take the "Test of English as a Foreign Language" in January 2003 in Frankfurt, Germany and got 267 of 300 points.

Additionally I took some English classes at the University of Dortmund like for example "English Conversation (Oral and Written) for Advanced Learners" and "Oral and Written Exercises in Technical Communication (EE and IT)" and also several technical English classes to prepare for my studies abroad in the United States.

Computer literacy

I took computer science classes at high school and learned to program in BASIC and PASCAL. At the University of Dortmund I took several lectures and practical courses on object-oriented programming in C++. Furthermore I'm able to program in HTML and I can master the most common application programs.

Further education

In 1993 I took a typewriter course at the VHS in Hemer, Germany.