Hello and welcome to my homepage!

My name is Daniel Hause and I'm 31 years old. I studied at the University of Dortmund in Germany and majored in Electrical Engineering. At the moment I'm doing commissioning of HVDC systems for Siemens in Erlangen.

At the moment you are in the category Home. Here you find a short outline on the content of all the categories of my website.

Under Resume you can read something about my life so far. Everything beginning with my days at school until the present day including my apprenticeship and my studies at the University of Dortmund is described there. Furthermore you can find a photo of me there.

The category U.S.A. deals with my activities in America and its main theme was to let my family and friends at home know what I was doing. There you can find photos and also reports on my study trip to the United States of America.

Under Hobbies I want to introduce my recreational activities. After all as a student you have to use the little leisure time you get meaningful.

In the category Photos I published some of my pictures. I hope youíll enjoy take a look at them!

Some of the recipes I like to cook are found in the category Recipes. Perhaps youíll find some inspiration there if you want to explore the cook in yourself.

The category Star Trek CCG deals with the Star Trek Customizable Card Game of Decipher that Iím collecting for several years now with a great enthusiasm. There you can find my recent trading lists. For fans of the TV series this game is highly recommendable. The card a very nice designed and there is a lot of information to be found on them that isnít important for the game.

If you want to get in contact with me just take a look at the category Contact. There you find my address and phone numbers and also the e-mail addresses I use most frequently.

I have also a guestbook on my website that can be explored under Guestbook. If you want to you can leave me a message there as well.

Under Download there are some files for download available.

In the category Links you can find some links to websites I either like or that may be of interest for some people.